In every democracy especially our democracy, it is extremely to be able to find the best software for citizens to perform their business and civic responsibilities. What kind of tools for example will business owners need for project management software or customer relations management or CRM or even automate marketing processes? What are the best software packages for managing content management systems or HR management programs to allow businesses hire and retain the best employees?

So how do people go about finding the right or best software for their needs in a democracy? The first thing to do is to make sure one has their objectives or goals are determined and cataloged. If a small business owner wanted to improve the traffic or conversion of prospects to their business sites, perhaps they can use marketing automation software like Unbounce or Act-On or Brightroll can definitely help them. If accounting is needed though, then Xero, or Chargify or Ulti-Pro or Tradeshift might work better. In all this make sure to check review and recommendation sites which offer multiple ratings or recommendations options including end-user reviews, expert analysis and WAR Score data.

In every democracy, an informed citizenry is preferable to a clueless plebiscite. How do governments and policy makers go about creating an enlightened electorate? We think having learning as a cultural norm is likely to improve the literacy of citizens. While businesses have already adapted learning management system technology to improve the training and skills of their staff and employees, we believe government is a bit lagging behind. It will behove governments to invest in improving the smarts of their people so that they can make informed decisions. Unless of course an uninformed citizenry works for the elites to keeping down the masses.